T90 Flips

Flipping T90 items on Runescape. Includes Drygore, Ascension, Noxious, Seismic, Malevolent, Sirenic and Tectonic items.

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How to flip our items

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1 How to flip our items on Mon 16 Nov - 20:44


Where do I start?

When you enter the FC, ask for a PC (price-check) on any of the items we cover.

If there is a PC'er (price-checker) online at the time, they will give you the margin for the item you requested. For example:

Player: "Pc on ascension crossbow"
PC'er: "MHA 87400-89400"

What has happened here is the PC'er has given the margin using the abbreviation for Ascension Crossbow followed by two numbers. All the numbers we give are in thousands. So 87400 = 87400k = 87,400,000. The number on the left (87400) is the price you will attempt to buy the Ascension Crossbow for. The number on the right (89400) is the price you will attempt to sell for. Once this has happened, you will have made 2,000,000 profit.

What do I do if my item won't buy or sell?

We have a very simple method you can use, and will most-likely have to use on most flips as prices fluctuate all the time. That method is to adjust your price by 50k if you have waited for 30 minutes with no buy/sell.

If you're attempting to buy the item and it hasn't completed after 30 minutes, INCREASE your offer by 50k.

If you're attempting to sell the item and it hasn't completed after 30 minutes, DECREASE your offer by 50k.

How do I report my buy/sell?

If your buy or sell offer has completed, and you'd like to help by reporting it in the FC or here on the forum, please try to give the item name, the price it bought/sold for, whether or not you had to use the 50k/30min method as well as how long it took to buy/sell at the final price you offered. For example your report might look like this:

"Bought Mha 87450, 20 minutes. Used method"

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