T90 Flips

Flipping T90 items on Runescape. Includes Drygore, Ascension, Noxious, Seismic, Malevolent, Sirenic and Tectonic items.

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Chat Rules

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1 Chat Rules on Sat 13 Jun - 2:50


No Off-Topic: The chat is strictly to be used for requesting price-checks on our items, reporting your buys/sells, asking relevant questions, and if you are the price-checker, giving price-checks that are requested. We do not allow any other discussion.

No Trending: Trending is the discussion of price rises/falls. We do not allow this at all in the chat, because the rise/fall of prices doesn't have any bearing on flipping and some people may try to manipulate others by discussing the rise/fall of prices.

No Disrespect: Please do not disrespect any other members or ranks in the chat. This includes swearing at them, insulting/offending them, putting them down and any other acts that may be construed as disrespectful.

Giving Price-Checks: If somebody is price-checking, please do not interfere or give price-checks as well. We only allow one person to price-check at a time to avoid confusion, and to eliminate the risk of somebody attempting to give false price-checks for their own gain. However, if there is not anyone price-checking, you are allowed to quote updated price-checks from this forum only.

No F2P/Old-school/Beta accounts: Due to the nature of our items, we do not allow people on these accounts to be in the chat as they cannot buy/sell the items covered. The chat may get full and if somebody on a F2P/Old-school/Beta account is in the chat, it is taking up a space where somebody may be trying to join.

Lobby/Companion: Similar to the above rule, we prefer those in the RS lobby to ensure they leave the chat as they will not be buying/selling the items if they are in the lobby and it simply takes up a space where someone else may be trying to join. However we DO allow people to be in the chat while on the Runescape Companion app which shows up as "lobby" in the chat. We only ask that these people make themselves known if we have to clear those showing as being in the lobby. We will always give a 60-second warning before removing those shown as "lobby".

Failure to follow the above rules could lead to being kicked from the chat. Excessive rule-breaking may also lead to a permanent ban from the chat. We are simply trying to provide a service for people to make profit by flipping these items and do so voluntarily with no payment. Following the rules is all we ask in return.

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